Retail, Office & Service

Retail, office, and service businesses face unique risks. That’s why you need business insurance that’s tailored to your specific needs. This is where we come in. Giving you peace of mind knowing you found the right solution to cover your business. 

Accounting Offices

Accounting offices often need to consider a variety of insurance protections to guarantee complete coverage. The types of insurance may include but are not limited to, professional liability, General Liability, Commercial Property, Business Income Insurance and more.

Legal Services

As a business owner that provides legal services, your business comes with a unique set of challenges. With Smith Insurance Solutions you can trust that you will be covered. Be sure to contact one of our professionals today that can listen to your needs and help find the solution(s) that are best for you.

Bakeries & Pastry Shops

Bakeries and pastry shops, like any other business, can benefit from various types of insurance coverage to protect against potential risks and liabilities. Their are a multitude of Insurance coverage options when it comes to the food industry. Click the link below to learn more.

Clothing Stores

At Smith Insurance Solutions we understand the complexities to running a clothing store. With security being paramount to your success as a store. We are happy to provide solutions that are tailored to your individual needs as a business. Click the link below to learn more.


Imagine an Insurance partner that not only understands the nuances of your floral business but also cherishes its unique essence. This is where Smith Insurance Solutions stands apart. Choosing us as your insurance companion is akin to embracing a tailor-made shield that encompasses the heart and soul of your floral enterprise.

Offices and Clinics of Medical Doctors

In the realm of healthcare, where compassion intertwines with science, business insurance is more than a shield—it’s a lifeline that preserves the essence of your practice and the trust of your patients.


As you navigate the path of creativity, remember that with Smith Insurance Solutions as your partner, your vision remains vivid, your artistic journey thrives amidst uncertainties, and the story you weave continues to unfold. Discover more about working Smith Insurance Solutions below.